Photo by sl wong on Pexels

Jackie Durfey

Aspiring Journalist & Creative Storyteller

A little bit about me.

As a child, I always impressed adults with my vast vocabulary and ability to clearly communicate. This love of communication has shaped many aspects of my life, from the clubs I joined in high school, to my current major as a journalism student at Brigham Young University, to my aspirations of becoming a journalist. My passion for communication has evolved into a passion for people -- their successes, their struggles, their stories. This influenced my decision to pursue minors in both sociology and global women's studies.

My goal as a journalist is to build bridges across all sorts of sociocultural gaps by helping people share their stories. Supplemented by knowledge and skills acquired from my minors, I strive to promote empathy and understanding in society through professional communication. We can all agree that our society needs to undergo certain changes -- changes that can only happen as we open our hearts and minds and listen to each other. As a journalist, I will facilitate this listening and learning between various audiences.